Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cupid's Cupcakes

We celebrated my mother's husband's 75th birthday this weekend with a fun cocktail party at her house. Rather than serving a birthday cake, I convinced my mom to do mini cupcakes and I offered to pick them up from a great little cupcake bakery in Oakville called Cupid's Cupcakes. ( )

I love cupcakes especially mini ones. I guess it's because they allow me to try a few flavours, just like having a mouthful of 3 different desserts. My favourite flavours are vanilla, red velvet, chocolate and lemon and their icing is perfectly sweet for my taste.

So at the party, I taught some of my mother's friends how to eat a mini cupcake. ( It was my kids who showed me this trick. )

 Step 1. Remove the paper wrapper.

Step 2. Gently twist off the top. 

Step 3. Place the bottom upside down on top of the icing.

Step 4. Take a bite - Delish! 

Mini cupcakes really do taste better this way and everyone has fun eating them - enjoy! 

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Anonymous said...

I love this blog. Great ideas!! How do you come up with these great ideas.