Thursday, 10 May 2012


I LOVE flowers! All flowers!  ( Although my husband will argue that is not true. After he bought me several bouquets of tropical flowers, I told him that while they were beautiful, they were not my favourite.)

But I LOVE flowers!

As soon as spring arrives and the garden starts to sprout, I am picking flowers to enjoy inside. Here is what is happening in my garden now and how it looks indoors.


If you gently pull on the stem, they will come out with a long stem

In the powder room


On my kitchen counter with blue and white porcelain

Fragrant snowball viburnum

On the front hall entry table

Hostas lining the garden path

 In mint julep cups on the kitchen island

Pink Bleeding Heart

In the master  en suite

 So look around your garden and love the flowers inside and out! 


Anonymous said...

What great ideas!! I love the mint julep cups with the hostas!

Anonymous said...

I love the fragrant scent of flowers inside the house, especially snowball viburnum. thank you for the great display ideas...beautiful!

betty singer said...

going out to pick flowers today! Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

Lynn Brophy said...

If only the wild cottage plants were sprouting!! Can't wait now that I have some ideas. Thx