Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Gifts of Flowers

With Mother's Day and my anniversary happening last weekend, I received many beautiful gifts of flowers.

My husband bought me ( with some help from my daughter) a bright sunny bouquet without a tropical flower in sight! They were beautiful! 

From Gregg

And for Mother's Day from my kids ( also selected by Michelle ) , I received this colourful arrangement of roses and gerberas. Stunning!

From Michelle, Matthew and Kevin

Both of  these bouquets came with long stems but I cut them down to fit into my containers. This way  the flowers sit just above the top in a tight cluster. ( Don't ever be afraid to cut the stems!)

Tori, my son's girlfriend who has great taste ( and knows mine ) brought this gorgeous bouquet to our house on Mother's Day. Not only did she ask the florist to cut the stems so I could just drop them into my vase, she asked my son what the colour theme of our party was! Thanks Tori. ( PS. Our colour was purple since I picked bunches of lilacs that morning.)

From Tori

And then my sister from Kingston arrived with 2 bunches of soft pink tulips which I arranged in a white pitcher - lovely!

From Leslie

Thank you to everyone for the flowers. I love them all!

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