Thursday, 14 June 2012


Ferns are one of my favourite plants. I love their vibrant green colour. I love their beautiful graceful leaves and I love them in my garden! They really thrive in our shady yard. 

Fern fronds in early spring

Here's what they look like now in mid June. They are almost as high as the fence!

I like them so much that I planted then in my urns at the front door. These are Kimberly Queen ferns which are indoor plants but do very well in planters outside. ( They will not survive the winter but for under $30.00 each, I don't feel they owe me anything ). This variety has erect sword leaves which grow up rather than flopping over like Boston ferns. They don't crowd the front step and look very striking from the street. 

Ferns flanking the front door

 Gotta love fresh, fabulous ferns!

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