Saturday, 2 June 2012


Peonies are one of my absolute favourite flowers. I wait all year to enjoy their beautiful scent, amazing petals and gorgeous colour.

I have a few peony plants in my garden ( although I think a need to get some more ) and watch as they bud and then finally bloom.

dark and bright pink peonies

on my desk in a crystal flared vase

Extra large heads - beautiful!


I have another plant that has an amazing 2 tone flower with soft pink and butter yellow. Although it has fewer petals than a standard peony, it is simply beautiful.

Look at the pink centre

In a silver bud vase in our master bathroom

 I love peonies so much that I also have faux peonies. Why, you ask? Well, I use them to extend the peony season or when I can't wait for the flowers to open. I also use them to fill in with the real ones and no one can tell. The ones I have are on a shorter stem - 8 inches - and the end of the stem of sealed.

Faux peony 

 I mix different colours to create a more realistic bouquet.

I also add water to the vase for an even more authentic look. With the stems sealed they don't rust in water. And then I add peony scented oil to the water. 

Hard to tell what is real and what isn't eh?

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