Monday, 11 June 2012

Pool Parties

Most of our major entertaining for friends and family happens in the summer when we can be outside in the backyard. With a large yard surrounded by huge trees and a beautiful pool, it is the perfect private setting.

A feature of our parties has become our pool raft. This raft was built by my husband Gregg and our dear friend Glynn. The raft measures about 4 ft  by 5 ft  and can hold quite a bit of weight. (Watch for an upcoming post on the construction of the raft.)

For our 25th Anniversary party, 2 extra large lanterns flanked a chair as a bronze otter steered the way.

As the sun set, it was time to light the candles. One of the ropes was untied and the raft was pulled to the edge. My sister Lynn and her husband did the job. 

Another party was held for family friends whose daughter was getting married. We dressed up a pair of bronze geese as the bride and groom 

The blushing bride wore a tulle veil and carried a peony bouquet in her beak, while her groom sported a bow tie and peony bud boutineer. 

And last summer, my friend from the office was having a destination wedding. Since we couldn't be there to celebrate with them, we hosted an Island themed party. This time my concrete garden teddy bears set sail on the raft. 

So cute! 

Although we don't have any big event to celebrate this summer, writing this post makes me start to think it might be time to pull out the raft and invite some friends over...

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