Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hot Summer Days!

I love the heat of the summer. After a day at work, I love to come home and relax by the pool with a white wine spritzer.  When it is too hot to cook, I make a fabulous salad using leftovers and what ever I have in the fridge. It is a complete meal and everyone loves it as they can build their own salad. 
I start with a large open bowl and fill it with mixed greens. Then I place all of the toppings around the edge so people can select what they like. Yesterday I made this salad with tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, cheddar cheese, green olives, roasted soya beans, chopped ham, guacamole, and egg salad. I put out the dressing on the side to be added or not. 

There are lots of options with this salad. Other great toppings include feta cheese, dijon-rosemary chicken salad, hot peppers, grilled asparagus, onions, sunflower seeds, toasted walnuts, salsa, hummus, sour cream, The only limitation is your imagination and what's in your fridge!


Gina Alexander said...

I love that even your quick "thrown together" salads are so beautiful and filled with such vibrant colours.

Laurie Loves... said...

Hi Gina. Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it and I welcome your comments!