Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Yes, it's true. I read newspapers and I really enjoy them. When I tell people that I read about something in the newspaper, they often have this puzzled look on their face, surprised to hear that there are people who still read the paper.

Well I do, and I usually find something of interest. Here's what I read about last week:

1. Diner en Blanc - National Post

This is an amazing 'Flash Mob' dinner party where the surprise location is announced just before the event starts. Participants sign up in advance and must wear white, as well as bring white chairs and a table and their feast. This elegant picnic is held outdoors in cities around the world.

It started 24 years ago in Paris and Toronto held their first Diner en Blanc a few weeks ago at Fort York.

This looks like such a fun time and is giving me some ideas for my future dinner parties.

2. Cream Brewery - Also from the National Post

Gourmet ice cream is made on the spot with the help of liquid nitrogen right here in Toronto- sounds amazing!

It may be old fashioned, but reading the newspaper works for me.

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