Monday, 24 September 2012


With the arrival of the cool weather this weekend ( I turned on our gas fireplace to stay warm for the first time in many months), change is in the air.

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The pool is closed. The towels put away. And although I can't store the outdoor furniture just yet, I am ready to pull out my cozy throws ( maybe it's because my husband won't turn on the heat yet).

Life can't sit still for me. I need to keep things moving. I am always moving the furniture around and often remember my childhood days when I would switch up my bedroom furniture. It was always exciting to wake up the next morning to something new.

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And is't it strange how the change of seasons can spur other life changes -subconsciously?


So now after 20 years of employment with the same company, I found myself handing in my resignation last week, ready to move on to a new exciting opportunity.


I will be sad to say good bye to my long time friends and coworkers. And the comfort and familiarity of my office will be replaced with a new found energy. Change will push me out of my comfort zone and will be the start of an inspiring and fascinating journey. This change makes me feel excited, sad, nervous, happy, confident, scattered, well regarded, loved and energized. And it's all good!

And I also think about so many people who are not happy with where they are. And here is my advice...

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Anonymous said...

I am giggling inside just knowing that I was not the only child who changed her bedroom around often. Now I have a whole house to work on. Good post!