Thursday, 22 November 2012

Holiday Outdoor Decor

With lots of holiday entertaining on the way, it is important to welcome friends and family even before they enter the house. A beautifully decorated front door is a great place to start.

Here's how my front step looked before - how sad.

I decided to tackle the urns first. We have a hedge in front of the stone walkway so the planters are not easily seen from the street. As a result, I like to do something that provides some height. I started with 5 tall birch bark branches. I left the dirt in the planters to secure the branches and greens. My birch branches came from a dead tree we took down in the spring but they are widely available at garden centers now. ( I keep my branches and reuse them the following year).

I selected 4 different types of evergreens to fill out the urn. 

BC Cedar -  Oregonia, - Leyland Cypress - BC White Pine

I started with the pine first as it has the most structure...

Next I added the cedar and cypress boughs...

filling in nicely

 And then the oregonia. I really like using this foliage as it is very upright and reminds me of boxwood. Its variegated leaves add nice contrast and it looks good right through to spring.

 The finishing touches included some holly with red berries from my garden and a few over sized pine cones wired onto sticks. And a beautiful burgundy sinamay bow.

A wreath of leyland cypress accented with nothing else but a sinamay bow to complement the urns completed the front entry. ( I select a wreath that is not too bushy so people aren't hitting it when they enter. And it is a good idea to choose one that will not drop needles inside the house when the door is open- cedar or cypress is best).

Welcome friends and family - Happy Holidays!

If I have any left over greens, I like to decorate in the backyard as well as since most of our windows face this way.

A planter filled with branches and greens makes a nice centerpiece 

A concrete bird bath arranged with boughs and twig orbs

Dogwood branches in black urns

Beautiful birch logs fill an empty planter at the back door

And the last thing left to do is add the outdoor lights. (My husband has this on his to-do list but thinks it is still too early). I only use warm white mini lights to provide a twinkling glow to a few evergreen trees and the hedges in both the front and backyard.

So now that the outside is done, it is time to start to think about the inside. I will have to start digging for my Christmas decoration boxes. Sounds like a good weekend project.

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