Monday, 26 November 2012

Paperwhites for Christmas

Paperwhites from

I love paperwhites in the house for the Christmas season. They are so easy to grow and I love their fragrance ( although not all people appreciate their beautiful bouquet).

Recently, I bought some bulbs at the garden center to grow in a large glass cylinder. The great thing is you only need river rocks and water - no soil required.

Paperwhite bulbs

Line the bottom of a glass container with river rocks

Place an odd number of bulbs on top of the rocks, root side down

Add water to cover the rocks

Be careful not to add too much water as the bulbs will rot. Add water as necessary. Within 4- 6 weeks, the flowers will appear. A tall glass cylinder is the perfect container for paperwhites. The glass sides support the stems and you can watch and appreciate them as they grow.

Another way to enjoy paperwhites is to buy a pot of bulbs which are already sprouting. They can be purchased at the grocery store or garden center.

I replanted 2 smaller pots in one larger stone planter for an amazing arrangement and covered the dirt with green reindeer moss. I had a few bulbs left over from the cylinder so I placed them in the planter as well. This will ensure that the blooming will continue. Mini pinecones and dogwood branches were the finishing elements.

Dogwood branches will support the stems as they grow

I had a few more sprouted bulbs left over that went into a smaller stone pot which I cover with spanish moss.

A few growing tips:
Even sunlight is required so rotate the plant as required.
If stems start to flop over, gather them together and tie raffia or jute string around the middle of the stems.
The fragrance can be quite strong so don't place in the kitchen or dining room.


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