Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Petite Poinsettias

I can't say as I am a big fan of the popular poinsettia. Give me an amaryllis any day. But last week I can across mini poinsettias and I love them! ( I have a thing for 'mini' items - I will leave that for another blog).
I came home with several plants not knowing exactly what I would do with them.

For a super easy and fast arrangement, I simply dropped them into mint julep cups and voila - instant mantle decor! This would also work down the center of a table. Add votive candles in between and your dinner table decorating is done.

I also picked up a few frosty ferns. These bright green ferns have white tips and are beautiful on their own but I planted them up with a mini poinsettia, a few sprigs of pine and several red branches  for a coffee table floral arrangement.

Frosty Fern

Festive Florals

 I also like to spray a little opal essence glitter on the florals and greens for Christmas. It adds a hint of sparkle yet is subtle at the same time.

Spray glitter can be found at craft stores

 And finally, I removed a plant from its pot and placed it in a square glass votive cup surrounded by moss to cover the dirt. Again I added a few pine sprigs for a finishing touch. This little flower is perfect on my desk in my home office and I will move it to the powder room when we entertain.

The possibilities are endless for petite poinsettias - my new favorite mini!

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