Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Tradition with a Twist!

Holidays are about traditions and family favourites for me, but I do like to change it up a bit. So this year when thinking about my holiday colour scheme, I opted for red and gold in the living room area, but I knew I needed to add something to make it fresh. I decided that orange and pink were the perfect additions, creating a bright, pretty, analogous ( adjacent to each other on the colour wheel )  colour palette. Everyone loves it!

Ornaments from the 'cobistyle'  combine all of the colours

Despite all of the colour out there, it was no easy feat looking for hot pink and orange ornaments and decorations. I did manage to find some from my friend Cobi Ladner's 'cobistyle' collection . They are stunning.

 Here's a look at what is on my tree...

Gorgeous sequined butterflies

Pretty red glass birds

Lots of red and gold glass ornaments

Clusters of hot pink mini ball ornaments- shiny and matte

My Kosta Boda glass pig - a Swedish tradition

Gold glitter letters - initials of our family members' names

A European glass suitcase representing my travels

A glass converse running shoe for the basketball guys in our family

A dog for my daughter - this is as close as we will get to a real dog

A keepsake from my trips to China

And a pierogi from my sister in law in California to celebrate our Polish heritage!

Wrapping paper and ribbon support my colour theme. Gold paper and bright coloured ribbon look beautiful.

I love the tinsel wired ribbon!

And here is how the gifts look under our tree...

The mantle is decorated with assorted ornaments, gold candles and red votives - modern, simple and colourful.

And finally, our tree!

I love it!

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Laura T said...

Beautiful tree and decorations... love it!