Monday, 24 December 2012

Winter Woods Table Setting

One of the things I love to do is to prepare for a dinner party which includes setting the table and  arranging the flowers. I usually start with a theme and when discussing Christmas dinner with my designer friend , Vicki, she suggested we do a winter woods setting using branches and icy accents. I loved the idea and I was thrilled when she offered to help.

We started with the 2 candleiers - hanging chandeliers with candles. Branches - birch and alpine huck were wired to the metal rods of the candleiers. (We were very careful to keep them away from the ball candles.)

Love them!

 Beaded snowflakes, glass drops and icy branches were added to create a wintery feel. They look beautiful glistening in the candlelight at night.

Then we added branches to the 4 torchieres in the room to continue the theme.

Next we turned our attention to the mantle. Since it is a wood burning fireplace, I like to use a faux garland ( a real one would dry out too quickly) and add some real boughes a few days before Christmas. Crystal candle holders and votives were nestled in as well as more icy branches, birch twigs and a few frosted ornaments.

Gorgeous glitter paper roses
My glass Christmas angels fit in nicely

The mirror was decorated too

I have a favourite deer sculpture and he has a place in the dining room.

Very regal

And then I set the table with white, silver and gold.

Hydrangeas and greens make a pretty centrepiece mixed with crystal votives, silver mercury balls and acrylic pebbles

And here's how it looks all together...

I think this is my favourite Christmas table setting ever

So now I am ready to greet my family and host one of our favourite dinners of the year. I hope you enjoy yours too!

Merry Christmas!


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