Monday, 18 February 2013


Attivo Sports Therapy is the name of the company run by my Athletic Therapist, Giulio. While I can't really say I love going for my weekly sessions, ( no offense Giulio ), I do love the results.


I have been going to Attivo on a regular basis for 4 1/2 years. I was referred by my Doctor to help with the chronic pain in my lower back due to degenerating discs. ( I am sure this is due to decades of walking trade shows for days at a time in Toronto, Atlanta, Frankfurt and China). 

Attivo's Philosophy:

At ATTIVO™, we specialize in “High Performance Exercise Therapy”. We utilize innovative strategies to identify movement and stability flaws and administer advanced, non-traditional, rehabilitation methodologies to effectively increase muscle strength, improve functional movement and restore joint stability.

The focus for my therapy was to develop a strong core. And Giulio uses all types of equipment especially anything that creates an unstable platform.

Some of the equipment used to increase core strength

Over the years, I have worked my way up to exercises I never thought possible. And my back pain is gone!

Push ups with hands on a rocker plank board and feet on a bosu ball

It's really hard but I can do  4 sets of 8  now

Sit ups on 4 foam balance platforms with a 17 lb medicine ball!

Reverse plank chest pullover on a stability ball with a 30 lb weight...

...while balancing a weighted ball in my abs

Lunges on the rocker plank board

Same arm/leg extensions on the rocker plank board with a foam balance pad...

...with a weighted ball - otherwise known as an unstable inline quadriped - really!

This one is really hard ( can't you tell by the look on my face ) - a single leg unstable step up on 3 foam balance pads with a 15 lb weight and a ball to balance on top!

Side bend an a bosu ball ( of course ) with a 30 lb weight

So thanks Giulio. See you next week!

Giulio from Attivo Sports Therapy

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