Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Well this is my 100th blogging post since I started back in May 2012.

Stone sculpture in Vancouver ( from wikipedia)

I so enjoy doing my blog and it is always a fun conversation topic among friends and family.

My most popular post so far is my phyllo pizza post featuring the recipe for this delicious dish. When the tomatoes are fresh, this is the most amazing pizza.

My second most popular post was about the Princess Margaret Lottery Home that was built in my neighborhood. Before the home was announced to the public, I grabbed my camera and took pictures through the windows providing a sneak peek. A follow up post provided a full tour of this gorgeous house.

FYI, the house is for sale. Check out the listing here if you have $3 million to spare!
I think I know where the 2013 Lottery Home is being built so stay tuned.

And my third most popular post was about the new year - 2013 - the year of the snake for the Chinese and emerald green for us trend followers.

What was your favourite post? I love to get your comments so please feel free to express yourself.

I am looking forward to another 100 blog posts and hope you are too!

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