Thursday, 28 February 2013

Chocolate Wafer Cake

Chocolate Wafer Cake was a family childhood favourite dessert. This is the EASIEST dessert ever and it ALWAYS gets great reviews!

It starts with only 4 ingredients:

1/4 cup sugar ~ 2 cups whipping cream ~ 1 teaspoon vanilla ~ 1 package of chocolate wafers

Beat whipping cream and add sugar and vanilla. Whipped cream should be firm but do not over beat as it will turn to butter.

Spread wafer with whipped cream and layer with another wafer. Repeat and after 6 wafers, place on a plate and then add another stack of 6 wafers until the package is done.

Your cake should look like this:

Spread remaining whipped cream over the top and sides.

Refrigerate for 4-6 hours. This allows the wafers to soften and changes the texture to be cake-like.

Slice the cake on the diagonal and serve. Everyone will love it!

A few variations:
Add coffee to the whipped cream for a coffee mocha wafer cake.
Add mint flavouring and green food colouring for a chocolate mint cake.
Add any food colouring to coordinate with the season!

I have also made individual wafer cakes for a girlfriend's birthday party.

A dot of whipped cream hold the cake in place

Place a stack of 6 wafers on the plate upright rather than on their side

Pink whipped cream and sprinkles make it special

Due to limited space in the fridge, I only made one individual cake for the birthday girl and made a log wafer cake for the other guests. As always - a big hit!

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