Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Decorating with Branches

Waiting for Spring to arrive and wishing it was here already makes me want to bring a touch of spring inside. With Easter coming early ( March 31st ) I thought branches would be the perfect accent. 

They are simple and not fussy and work in this formal room.

They look pretty on  table as a centerpiece...

And can also be very dramatic.

From William-Sonoma Home

I wish I had a country house...

From Dress Design Decor
Or a beautiful country kitchen.

From A Country Farmhouse

Feeling inspired, it was time to get to work. I decided to use 'everlasting ' forsythia branches to create an arrangement.

Everlasting or faux branches

 When purchasing faux branches, look for ones that are realistic. Colour and size variation help create a natural arrangement. And I always look for branches that are wired so they can be bent and fluffed. Cheaper stems don't have wire and really don't look nice.

I bought 6 stems and found a vase that is roughly 1/2 the height of the stem. Here's what they looked like before I fluffed them - not so great.

And here's how they looked after. Much better!


I added water to the vase and added a few real branches to fool everyone into thinking they are real.

I also bought some cherry blossom branches. Their bright pink colour is beautiful.

Again I bent the stems and flowers and added a few extra real branches.

They look pretty against the dark brown walls in my dining room and I will use pink as my colour scheme for  my Easter dinner.

Now I feel like Spring is almost here!

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