Sunday, 17 February 2013


Orchids are such graceful flowers and  so very showy. I love how long they last and are such a  great value for the money.

I was doing some grocery shopping at Costco on the weekend and decided to pick up a few orchid plants. They usually have a great selection of Phalaenopsis Orchids in pretty ceramic pots for $14.99 and I bought 2 plants to take home.

I decided to make one large arrangement for impact and removed each plant from its ceramic pot.

I left the orchids in their plastic pots and placed them in a larger planter.

To hold them in place, I filled the empty space with crunched cello wrap.

The only thing left to do was cover up the cello. You could use spanish moss...

but I used preserved green sheet moss.

I carefully placed the moss around the roots.

And voila - a stunning arrangement that will last 2- 3 months for $30.00!

PS. You don't need a green thumb to ensure long lasting beauty. Phalaenospsis orchids, known as moth orchids, are one of the easiest orchids to care for. Water once a week by adding 3 ice cubes to the pot ( I will use 3 ice cubes for each plant). This will ensure the plant gets enough water while the  roots don't sit in water.

So now I will be enjoying my plant until I can cut tulips from my garden.

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