Sunday, 24 February 2013

Party Ideas

From Pinterest

There's always a lot of buzz surrounding the Academy Awards. Who will win? What will they wear? Who will they thank? etc. And lots of people will be hosting parties to watch the big event. I will be watching but no big party - just dinner with family. I do however like all of the great Oscar party ideas and found some that I will keep in my party inspiration file. ( Pinterest has several boards just for Oscar Night Party ideas!)

1. Popcorn Bar - this is a great idea although I would do it in the summer for an outdoor party as popcorn tends to make a mess.


2.Backyard Movie Drive-In -  Speaking of outdoors, how awesome is this outdoor night at the movies? LOVE it!!!!!

from Pinterest
3.Gold Party Theme - Gold looks amazing for a special party. I love the beaded lamp shades!

Beautiful gold table setting

4. Black and White Party Theme - And I love the clean look of this black and white Oscar Party. Could be great for a New Year's Eve Celebration. And who doesn't like Oreos?

From lapapeteriediva

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