Thursday, 19 September 2013

Decorating with Corks

Ever since we decided to do a cork-lined wall for the games room at my sister's cottage, we have been saving our corks. We have been collecting them for several years now and it's a good thing we like to drink wine because we've accumulated TONS of corks. I think we finally have enough corks to start her cork wall project. ( She plans to hang a dart board on this wall and the corks will be a great back drop for people with less-than-perfect aim!)

As a result of having lots of corks around, I have used them as décor accessories.

They sit in an oversized wine glass, next to an oversized wine bottle cabinet, on our bar.

I have used them in flower arrangements. I lined a small glass cube with corks and popped a rose into a water filled florist's plastic tube and placed the tube inside the corks. Great for a wine tasting party!

Corks can also make great place card holders or menu card holders.


If you are using them on their side, just be sure to create a flat area so they don't roll around.
While looking for inspiration on how to do the cork wall, I came across this wall art...

Cork Art by Scott Gundersen

How amazing is that?! The artist, Scott Gundersen, uses thousands of corks in a range of colours to create his works of art.

Perhaps this is a little more complicated than we planned. I think a simple ombre effect would look great. Gotta 'love' that.



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