Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Eating (well, drinking ) Kale


Kale  has been getting a lot of press as the new super food. High in fiber and iron, this 'queen of greens' needed to be added to my diet. But how?

Enter my new Vitamix!

Sister # 3 bought one and made me a smoothie - amazing -  and I was hooked. Sister # 2 has had one for a while, and not to  be left out, sister # 1 got one just last week.
Although not an inexpensive machine, it was worth every penny. I use it most days and love it.
So what about the kale you ask?
It goes into every smoothie I make.
Here's what went into my smoothie today...
kale - cucumber - 1/2 banana - frozen blueberries - 1/2 green apple - ice
All ingredients go into the Vitamix machine plus some liquid. I use water or juice but I also use soy milk and coconut water. Next,  turn on and turbo blend for almost 1 minute. It makes the smoothest drinks ever! Consistency can be changed by adding more liquid.
Here's what my smoothie looked like. Not bad, but depending on the ingredients you use, the colour might not be so pretty. Kale and red berries for example make an ugly ( kaka-like) coloured smoothie but it still tastes good.
The combinations for smoothies are endless and there are a ton of recipes available for the Vitamix for smoothies, soup, ice cream and more! ( Costco sells the machine on line and sometimes have in store demos. The demos are great for learning more about this powerful machine, not to mention very entertaining!)
So here's a list of the features and benefits of kale. ( I used to be in sales.)
Low in calories, high in fiber - great for digestion and detoxing
High in iron - essential for good health
High in vitamin K - protects against some cancers, promotes bone health and helps with Alzheimer's disease
Great anti-oxidant - helps protect against cancers
Contains omega-3 fatty acids - great anti-inflammatory to help with arthritis
Can help lower cholesterol
High in Vitamin A &C - great for your skin, vision, immune system, metabolism and hydration
High in calcium - helps in preventing bone loss, osteoporosis
Cheers to your good health and mine!  


Unknown said...

Looks great Laurie. But remember you need vitamin C to absorb the iron in the kale. Without it, you are not getting the benefit of the greens. I always add a whole lemon.

Laurie Loves... said...

Thanks for the reminder Jon. I usually add lemon as well.