Wednesday, 11 September 2013


There's something about September, as well as January, that makes me feel the urge to purge and the need to get organized. I do believe that everything should have a place and that everything should be in its' place. ( Not sure that my family has the same philosophy though!)

So I decided it was time to tackle the kitchen junk drawer. Here's the before shot...

In this drawer there was a bandana with a Canadian flag pattern, an old binder with outdated addresses and phone numbers, a beaded pen that didn't work, 2 butane lighters that also didn't work, a wrench, a broken light bulb for the kitchen undercounter lighting, matches, pliers, old take out menus, a calculator, nails, odd screws and more pens than I can count. And that was only SOME of the stuff in there. How can one draw hold so much?????

So I emptied the entire drawer, threw out anything that was broken or didn't work, kept what we need handy and put the rest of the things where they belong. And now it looks like this...

Here's a list of the things I like to keep handy -

  • reading glasses so we can read the small print - seems to be getting smaller and smaller these days
  • butane lighter as I am always lighting candles
  • tape measure - a wannabe decorista always needs a tape measure close at hand
  • pens and especially markers so I can label plastic bags in the freezer
  • label maker  - anyone serious about organization needs one of these
  • floral food, wire and floral tape for my flower arrangeents
  • a few mini tools so I can quickly tighten a lose screw on a cabinet etc
  • felt pads as they need to be replaced on our chairs frequently
  • chalk for my pig chalk board

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