Thursday, 26 September 2013


I love parties! But who doesn't?
And yet, I like to plan and organize parties as much as go to parties - well almost as much.
So I was thrilled when my good friend, Tracey, asked me to help her again with her book club party. ( I helped her last year as well. See the post here.)

The feature book was about the President of Jamaica so we decided to go with a fun tropical island theme. Here's our story board for the party...

The flowers set the tone. Orchids, tropical leaves and foliage plus Tracey's signature white roses were used throughout.

Glass cylinder vases in a variety of sizes held the flowers, as well as floating candles, in the foyer and on the kitchen island. A beautiful silver trumpet vase was the perfect accent for the powder room.

Pretty pink, white and green flowers arranged in coco husks were the centerpieces for the table and they looked stunning!

Shell dishes held tealight candles nestled in sand which provided a twinkling glow.

Large tropical leaves took the place of charger plates on top of woven placemats.
Delicious island inspired food was on the menu. Guests were greeted with a coconut pineapple cocktail garnished with pink umbrellas as reggae music played in the background.
Tropical leaves lined platters for food service

Husk boats waiting for shrimp skewers

Grilled shrimp and pineapple skewers were served in husk boats for appetizers. Dinner featured chicken and steak kabobs, mango salad, rice and asparagus. And for dessert, coconut sherbet finished off the menu.
As the group wined and dined, questions regarding the book sparked the conversations.

paper scrolls wrapped with raffia hold questions regarding the book
A fun time was had by all and what a gorgeous looking book club!




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