Sunday, 19 January 2014

2014 Resolution # 2

Resolution #2 - Health and Beauty - Reduce Alcohol Consumption

I'll admit I do enjoy drinking wine and champagne as well as an occasional vodka and tonic. Most nights, wine accompanies our meal. But after the holidays and all of the drinking and celebrating that occurred, it is time to take a bit of a break.

Moderate alcohol consumption does have health benefits however. Red wine reduces the risk of developing heart disease and reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks, to name a few. Good news!

But Resolution #2 starts today so I will reduce my alcohol consumption by drinking red wine on the weekends only for the next 2 weeks. I will be substituting my weekday dinner glass of wine with sparkling water. Our new Sodastream machine will make this an easy switch and I will serve it in a wine glass with a wedge of lemon. ( The reduction in calories will be a bonus.) Wish me luck!

Update on Resolution #1:
Well the first 2 weeks of my 26 Resolutions went fairly well despite a great deal of complaining and protest from my family. Read here to see my first resolution - Eat more fish. Reduce red meat consumption.

We enjoyed Fish Tacos made with tilapia and we will definitely add this recipe to our dinner menu repertoire. Grilled shrimp and scallops were delish. And the baked salmon  - excellent. Our black cod was only so-so. As an expensive piece of fish, we all agreed this meal was not worth the money.

As far as the reducing our red meat consumption, this was not a problem and generally not missed. So overall a good start for a healthier New Year.

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