Saturday, 25 January 2014

Great Gadgets

One of my favourite gifts for Christmas this year was in my stocking. I was excited to find a 'Magnetic Spot Scrubber' by Cuisipro among other goodies, thanks to my husband. ( Okay, I did give him a little hint.)

This amazing little gadget is perfect for cleaning vases and carafes. I have several tall thin vases that are difficult to clean with a brush or sponge. And my hand certainly doesn't fit.

This ingenious little device is magnetic with a soft scrubbing tip. Simply drop the magnet into the vessel with soap and water and use the magnetic handle to clean the inside. The soft rubber tip won't scratch glass. It is amazing and I love it!

Watch the video and you'll be amazed too.

You can find this handy gadget at specialty kitchen stores ( and hopefully soon at ).

Happy cleaning!

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