Sunday, 2 February 2014

2014 Resolution #3

Resolution #3 - Physical Activity - Take 3 Yoga Classes
From Lululemon
I love yoga and used to take classes regularly. However, I haven't done yoga in several years. (Chronic pain in my lower back and a pinched nerve in my neck may have had something to do with it. Since then I have been working with an athletic therapist to strengthen my core. See here for a post about my workout. And not only am I pain free, but my strength has increased significantly. )  
So now it's time to get back to practicing yoga!
Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means "to join". This ancient practice joins the physical and the spiritual, not only making your body stronger but your mind and spirit aware, focused and calmer. Sign me up now!
I will be looking forward to the seeing the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Increased flexibility will be noticeable from stretching muscles and soft tissues. Varied poses will add strength to my upper and lower body as well as my lower back and abdominals. My posture will improve due to a stronger core and increased body awareness. And I hope to feel more relaxed and focused through breathing techniques.
Many studios offer introductory specials for new members and Lululemon offers free classes so I will try a few different classes to see what works for me.
And if I find I am short of time, I can do a 10 minute on-line yoga session like this one from Dr. Oz.

I am looking forward to getting started - 0hmmm.
Update on Resolution #2 - Reduce Alcohol Consumption 
I admit I didn't do so well on Resolution #2. Being a new wine broker and attending 2 wine tasting events during the week didn't help. So I will extend resolution #2 into next week and not drink alcohol from Monday to Thursday.

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