Sunday, 16 February 2014

2014 Resolution #4

Resolution #4 - Happiness - Plan a Family Card Game Night
Happy Family Day!
It's great to have a holiday specifically dedicated to family time. My son is home from university for reading week and my daughter and husband will be off work today. The kids get to choose the dinner menu and then we will play card games.
We have a few favourites including poker and a four card game called Golf.  It's a fun game that can be played with players young and old. Also known as Polish Poker - no wonder it's a hit with our family - this card game can accommodate any number of players. Here are instructions on how to play.
Recently our kids have introduced us to a new game called "Heads Up". It is not a card game but a guessing game played with an app on an iPhone.
This fun app is available from iTunes for .99 and was created by Ellen DeGeneres.
Simply place the iPhone on your forehead and guess the word on display using the clues from your friends before the timer runs out! Categories include Celebrities, Movies, Animals, Characters and more.
To move on to the next card just tilt the phone. The app also videos the players giving the clues for an amusing and comical view of the game.
I am looking forward to this Resolution and hope that our schedules will allow for a few evenings of family fun.
I hope you enjoy some family time too!
Update on Resolution #3 - Physical Activity - Take three yoga classes
I am happy to report that I took 4 yoga classes ( and a Barre class ) from 2 different studios as well as my twice-a-week core training sessions. It felt soooooo good to get back to yoga and I signed up for a 30 day membership. Yay for me! 

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