Sunday, 23 March 2014

Guacamole - A Lighter, Fresher Recipe!

I love guacamole.
It is a great tasting dip made with avocados making it a healthy snack.

Technically a fruit, avocados are one of the best foods you can eat. As well as being delicious, they are packed with nutrients such as folate and potassium, and  heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Like olive oil, research has shown avocados help lower total and LDL cholesterol.

But they are high in fat and calories with 138 calories and 14.1g fat in half a medium-sized avocado.

And that's why I like this guacamole recipe from The Pampered Chef. The addition of cucumber and dill make it a fresher and light version of this avocado based dip.

Cucumber - Dill Guacamole

2 medium ripe avocados pitted and peeled
Juice from 1 lime
1/4  - 1/2 small red onion - chopped finely
1/2 seedless cucumber - chopped finely
1 jalapeno ( use 1/2 if you don't like too much heat ) - chopped finely
1/4 cup fresh dill - chopped finely
1/4 t ground cumin
1/2 t salt
1 clove of garlic - pressed

( I use The Pampered Chef Manual Food Processor  - or as we like to call it " The MFP " -  to finely chop the ingredients. It makes this job easy and quick and is one of my most favourite kitchen tools these days. I also love it to chop olive and  make egg salad or pesto. )

Mix all ingredients together and serve with tortilla chips. Enjoy!  

I also use this dip as a spread for sandwiches or as a condiment on turkey burgers.

Eating healthy never tasted so good!

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