Monday, 10 March 2014

Pretty House Plants

We all know this winter is dragging on far too long. All I see out my window is a blanket of white snow. It's mid March people! Enough already! ( Ok , that was my rant for today.)

Last week, I bought some house plants to add a pop of life to my home. I found some very pretty and colouful plants that would do the trick.

Baby Tears, also know as Angel Tears, are tiny leafed creeping herbs that cascade over the edge of a pot.

Small Leaf Baby Tears
Large Leaf Baby Tears

I love how they look on their own but they also make a nice ground cover when mixed with other plants. The purple leaves of this Shamrock look so bright when planted with Baby Tears.

Shamrock plants, can be found  everywhere in March with St Patrick's day just around the corner. These delicate looking plants with trumpet shaped flowers are actually fairly hardy.

I also found beautiful mini potted roses.

I transplanted these in vintage teacups and displayed them in the dining room. Just outside that window is where my garden roses grow. My teacup blooms provide a reminder that I will enjoy roses outdoors when spring finally arrives.
My favourite find at the nursery however was Pink Frankie Fittonias.
This gorgeous pink plant with pretty ruffled edges is stunning! I bought several plants and mixed them in with some grey toned mini ivy.

Love it!

This pot is in my bathroom and I enjoy it every day!

I hope that soon I will be enjoying plants in my garden as well as inside my house.

 Hurry up Spring! We are tired of waiting.

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