Monday, 2 February 2015


The good thing about the arrival of February is that it means January is over and we have one month of winter behind us. However with the snow still falling and with at least 15 inches of the fluffy white stuff on the ground, winter looks like it is here to stay!

February is a perfect month to stay inside and keep warm. I like to use these next 4 weeks to get a few things done. Here's a peek at what's on my list.

1. Create a Photo Book

With lots of photos stored on my computer, ipad and phone, I no longer print my favourite images. The pictures I have printed and on display are older ones - ones I still love. But I would like to enjoy some more recent memories and so I am going to create a photo book online. It will be dedicated to the happenings of 2014. This will be the start of an annual book of photos. I have made a few books in the past using Picaboo but there are so many photo book sites to choose from. (Here's a LINK comparing the top 10 books.) And if you are an Instagram user, check out where you can create a mini ( 6x6") book instantly.

2. Try New Recipes

Here are a few of the recipes I am looking forward to cooking. 

Pampered Chef Lettuce Wraps

bonappetit winter-squash-carbonara-with-pancetta-and-sage
bon appetit Lumaconi with Prosciutto and Lemon Bread Crumbs
bon appetit Lemon-Souffle Pudding Cake
Yum  - these dishes look good! 

3.Organize Kitchen Cupboards

 Oh how I would love my kitchen cupboards to look like this. 

4. Prepare Freezer Meals

From Pampered Chef
Gathering some girls together to prepare 8- 10 freezer meals is a fun way to cook for your family and catch up with fiends. I plan to host 2 Freezer Meal workshops this month and fill my freezer with delicious dinners for my family. ( Email me at if you are interested in coming!)

5. Binge Watch the new Season of House of Cards on Netflix

Season 3 will be released on Netflix Feb 27th so this will be a great end-of-the-month activity. I have been waiting a year for this. 

This should keep me busy and help the 'February Freeze' go by faster. Before you know it, we will be thinking about Spring. 

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