"Laurie has a very unique skill set that blends practicality with creativity; resourcefulness with imagination; and a-get-it-done attitude with big-picture strategy and open-mindedness.   I thoroughly enjoyed working with Laurie - she asks the right questions, listens to the answers and then goes for it.  Put simply, she gets it, and she gets it done."

Cobi Ladner
Design Authority and Creator of cobistyle

"Laurie is a savvy product developer. She knows the trends and price points that Canadians are looking for. She is a great manager and a pleasure to be around. I recommend Laurie for merchandising, buying and management roles."

Kathryn Hunter  
 V.P. of Merchandise at Canfloyd

" Always professional, always insightful and terrific to work with! Laurie Blaha brings her own unique and flawless taste to every aspect of her business!" 

Cheryl Grant 
Trend Consultant 

"I have used Laurie Blaha for many events held at my home.  Laurie's creative mind and attention to every last detail from the menu, the china and cutlery, the flowers, decor and even the drinks, is what makes her parties so special and memorable for all of the guests. Laurie is super organized and takes all of the pressure out of entertaining, making it an enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend her."

Tracey N.

"Just wanted to send you a quick note this morning to tell you how much I enjoyed Thursday night... Thank you again for including me in the very first party of your new business!! ... I just have to say, I think you did a wonderful job... Loved the way you massed up key value items for impact (how many people left without those chunky glass candle holders - not many!!).  And then of course all of your lovely Laurie touches.... very nice, well done. ... As for the "Laurie Loves" model of your business...  As I sat there taking in what was going on the other night, I think it is more like "Everyone Loves Laurie".
Shelley C.

"I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to your spectacular open house last evening.  I cannot believe how beautifully set up your house was with all the items you had for sale.  I am more than thrilled with the items I purchased. In addition, you have most certainly inspired me to do a few little things around the house that I haven’t done before." 

Kim C.

"You held a lovely open house for Laurie Loves last Saturday and I wish you great success in your new venture... I loved your inventory and ideas. You had everything arranged so beautifully that we couldn't help but admire your talent. I was inspired to decorate my own home when I got home."
Lynn M
" Congratulations on such an awesome and dazzling event...Laurie, I just love what I purchased and I know everyone will be so pleased to receive these gifts I have for them. "
Marilyn H